Laminating, printing and taping

Last week has been mostly about finishing up a few things in the studio. Thank goodness for tape!! It must be the best ever tool in the studio that every artist uses.

Laminating the prints on dibond has been good for a super smooth finish; it surpasses regular mat board that always seems to have a bit of a texture that shows through the print. Liking the way the slickrock paper reflects ever so slightly and by mounting it on the aluminum, it just adds to the reflection.

Been printing the wallpaper in panels too. First time I ever used the adhesive synthetic paper which has a good mat finish. Colors look good but are slightly sensitive to the shifts in light temperature. Making it tough to tweak.

There is something very sad about finishing a work of art – but according to the theory of the grotesque: “the grotesque image is never finished,” so I’m going to hold on to that.