something like this …but not like this

03 wallpaper corner


Version 4 of the wallpaper.  The same gestures of arranging a still life composition are repeated in post-production. Rearranging objects never ends.  The grotesque image is “never finished, never completed; it is continually built, created, and builds and creates another body” (Bakhtin)



In Flux

01 insomnia 02 insomnia 03 insomnia

The grotesque is not gross. It about being in a state of flux. Suspended between boundaries. Unstable. Constantly re-building itself.

I’ve been experimenting with ways to  bring the theory of the grotesque into my work. The scanned images from last semester on the black background  seemed to fixed and permanent on such a solid ground. But by repeating the image and layering it at different opacities the image is unstable.

I’ve also been experimenting with printing on MOAB slickrock metallic pearl paper so that there is a slight iridescent glow in the highlights.