messy studio + dirty scanner

This week I started to take apart the arrangements that I have been photographing and I decided to document some of those single items using a flatbed scanner. The items were either crumbling and breaking (from the large composition) or were dissolving from the fish tank composition. Strange how even the ceramic pieces became fragile when soaking in water.

Using a scanner, (instead of photographing them with a camera), gave the items a different glow and the dark background connects the work to the traditional Vanitas. While I’m not interested in a straightforward dialogue that uses the same formal language and set up as this genre of art, I am interested in building on the sensibility of that theme – about life and death and the transient nature of life.

Keeping the surface of the scanner bed dirty was a happy accident and it was good to embrace my messy studio and my dirty scanner. I’m thinking of putting them together in sets of 3.


slimy still life



messy still life