02 chaos composite full color 02 chaos composite desaturated

Taking some inspiration from the colors in French Rococo painting. I de-saturated the image and I’m masking out specific areas. I’m trying to bring out some of those dirty grungy bits that are already in the image and keep some of brighter colors to specific areas…and even tone them down a little. There are some really beautiful yucky browns (not easy to find brown gum …fizzy coke flavored), and I don’t want that lost in a composition of too much color. I’m trying to get the colors to move from bright and cheery to exhausted and impure.






Color Inspiration

I’m looking for everyday things that inspire my work.

I’m looking for powdery blues and blushing pinks …but I’m also looking for those strange and pleasurable colors like: a mac and cheese orange, a sleazy green, maybe a pissy yellow, an old bath water grey, a cotton candy vomit, a little bit of a septic tank brown, ….hmm…a bruised purple and green, and something milky, like a breast milk blue.