Mentor Meeting

Notes on a very good meeting with my mentor Dana Hoey:

PROCESS + CONCEPTUAL + PERFORMANCE: Discussion about how my process of making work is part of my work. Consider the process more deeply and bring that process into the work not so directly in showing camera etc…but explore and bring “how you are doing it” into the work. Not pushing me to be a conceptual artist but improve the conceptual component to contextualize the ideas. Performance also related to my process.

ARTIST + WRITING: Explore the work of Sophie Calle and look at how she shows the process. What you like + what you don’t like in her work is important to consider. Also to explore are the female driven performance pieces. Review and think about these to have a clear sense of my work in relation to these.

READING: Agua Viva by Clarice Lispector. Refusing the narrative. Direct presentation of material. After discussing the feedback from the first residency about the lack of narrative and refusing to give into those original suggestions. This is good.

COLOR + LOOSE WRITING: Combination of 1950’s plastic kitsch and 1800’s French painting. Look at the aqua and pink color palettes that are mixed with the less satisfying browns. Frothy. Lush. A little yucky. Go and physically see some of these works like Fragonard, Boucher, Watteau and Chardin and write a loose automatic personal page about the colors. Think closely about the dull browns and grays around the lush pastel colors. This is an extension of pushing the grotesque that was discussed and encouraged during previous residency critiques.

PURSE DUMPING: I discussed my curiosity about what women carry in their purses and how I have been asking women to dump the contents of their purses so I could photograph a quick still life arrangement. It’s been giving me some great inspiration for the still life arrangements that I’m working on in the studio. Dana suggested to consider the process more deeply.






7 thoughts on “Mentor Meeting

  1. I absolutely love your blog and have been catching up on it quite recently. The way you’ve organised your mentor meeting is really intelligent and great for referencing retroactively. I will definitely be appropriating how you organise your thoughts for my own blog and would love to mention you (and it) to give proper credit, if that is permissible. Thanks once again for the gift of your words and insight into your various processes!


  2. Of course you can do that. I’m thrilled that it works for you. I try to stick to the KISS principle: Keep It Simple and Straightforward, or Keep it Short and Simple etc…Hey can I bug you to empty the contents of your purse and send me a pic? I’m curious.


    • Damnit, Scott beat me! I was going to suggest possibly asking others around you to dump out whatever container they hold what they deem to be indicative/representative of themselves, whether that be a wallet, or a backpack, a satchel or a purse. Or even a locker! Whatever they think is the confine that approaches something most “them.” Anyway, absolutely beautiful discussion in the original post as well as the additional information this thread has developed. I shall email you a picture of my satchel’s innards later today! ❤

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  3. There are many interesting things going on here.

    I’ll start with the thought that you have gotten off to a great start with your mentor. I feel like we are at a crucial spot in the process, and this is an invaluable time to have a great mentor.

    I am nervous about the “female artist” aspect of your research. I feel like your work is much more “human” than “female”. While a purse may be feminine, I think there is a clear masculine correlation with a wallet, and I feel like the concept is the same. They both hold a bunch of stuff that most people are highly protective of, not because of the actual contents, I mean, what is to see there? Some gum. random papers, coins, make up, old T pass, apparently a flask… What is someone going to do with this information if they had it? There isn’t anything to do, yet people still guard this information. It’s really kind of odd when you think about it. This seems like a “taking back control” type of action. A cathartic freedom in dumping it all out there. Society doesn’t have that hold on anyone anymore once you expose that.

    I have always thought that the color palette and the business of some of your work reminded me of Fragonard. I even think that I may have mentioned it a residency or two ago. I feel like that is a very valid observation and worthy of exploration, even in the themes. Sweet and colorful paintings with darker underpinnings.

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  4. You guys are both awesome. Since you were both thinking the same thing, I will take that as a sign of an excellent idea that needs to be explored. So I’m going to ask YOU Scott to empty your pockets.
    Yeah I do remember you mentioning Fragonard and so true about the work being “human”. I’m glad you said this.
    Hey…really great that you noticed the cathartic freedom because it does have the same feeling as my text based drawings…outpouring and refusal to keep things hidden and contained. I’m trying to bring that out in the photographs too, which have been hiding behind the surface of things. It’s ugly but I will find that golden thread in my messy purse.


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