Mirrors and Antigrams


I’ve been thinking about the importance of titles in a work of art and I have been looking at antigrams for some of my smaller works that use figurines and mirrors. I have used palindromes before but I think the reflection of the mirror plays nicely with antigrams and the meaning of the work.

An antigram means the opposite of the original word or phrase; so far I think these are witty:

Listen = Silent, Violence = Nice Love, United = Untied, Misfortune = It’s more fun, Honestly = On the Sly, Antagonist = Not Against, Within Earshot = I won’t hear, Restful = Fluster.

I really like using the objects and playing with their reflections in the mirror. The mirror fills the space and adds a seductive glow around the objects, and the idea of the real versus the artificial is played out. I’ve been playing around with the positioning of the objects so that the reflection is inverted and changes the meaning, just like the antigram.






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