hands in the studio


Yesterday’s ideas. Using some of the chewed gum pieces from the residency to start this work off. Ideas only at this point and I’m letting my hands lead the way.



My hands are telling me to repair some of the broken figurines and to combine different colors of gum. I do like the monstrous style of mending with gum. Crude…raw…and unsophisticated. Still not grotesque enough, but I’ll continue to push the idea and then worry about technical test shots if I like it.




One thought on “hands in the studio

  1. I think that it is great to see the constant movement and experimentation over the last few weeks. I feel like you have chosen a great figurine to begin these tests with. It seems very Fragonard, especially once you add the lively and evocative gum. I am very anxious to see you this continues to progress.


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