Seduced by Art


Seduced By Art – Photography Past and Present

I’m exploring still life images in photography and while there are a number of great examples that immediately come to mind when it comes to painting, (especially Dutch still life), I really need to find who has done what with photography – past and present. This is going to be a long list, but I’ll end up focusing on the ones that inform my work.

I haven’t found any favorites from the early photography, but there’s a lot to choose from  – with the beginnings of photography needing long exposures it was the ideal genre for the medium.

A few contemporary favorites from Seduced by Art include:

Ori Gersht: flowers in nitrogen. work informed by traditional still life painting. explores the way a viewer reads a photograph differently than a painting. interested in that extended visual experience.

John Blakemore: flattened images of flowers, informal, uses multiple exposures for depth to layer the notion of growth and decay and the cycle of life and death.

Sam Taylor-Wood: silent time lapse film of a bowl of fruit over a few weeks and growing mould.

Nan Goldin: a few still life images, but noteworthy because there is an immediacy to these pieces.

Sarah Jones: also expands the visual experience as in Gersht. flattens the perspective with flash and black background. flatness mimics pressed flowers tradition. photographs the front and back of the flowers.


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