Arranging Still Life #3

Keeping up with the idea to make something beautiful that has a delicious grotesqueness to it. After a few attempts and a lot of blowing failures I finally sorted through some technical and aesthetic issues.



Chewing Gum to find Answers

Chewed fruit ball

One of the things I have been questioning is the relationship between my drawings and my photographs. Looking at some of my early drawings and also the current text based work with the gum drool has led to these. I was thinking about Wheelers comment “How gross can you go?” as well as her suggestion to instigate the process and look at everything that leads up to the finished work. Also, Steck suggested that I turn the lens on myself. I think these might bridge the gap and contextualize the two bodies of work.


shooting and post production

03  mixed candies

Painting with drool and liquid glucose, shooting 10 layers, stitching and focus stacking, masking adjustments, and exaggerating focus points.