Wallpaper Obsession

The Wallpaper, Obsessing and The Importance of Keeping Busy


detail – building up the bottom layers with lighter opacity

I’m obsessing about making this wallpaper. Started it 4 years ago…and it just won’t leave me alone.

So just when I thought about putting this idea to rest, along comes this artist that tells me about the importance of making something that is divergent from a regular working process. Even a flower arrangement can serve a purpose if it keeps you busy and feeds you new ideas.

I originally started by photographing the printed flowers off a vintage dinner plate and rearranging the parts into a linear patterned wallpaper.

After making a linear pattern I reworked the design into this crazy massive flower arrangement. I just hated that the flowers were acting so decent and I though it would be great to have them misbehave into something organic. So I’m arranging this non-ending oval. Taking apart the pieces, changing the sizes and skewing the perspectives. I just added some lighter faded parts in the back. I’m thinking about adding some flies to the composition but not really sure.

Every year I read “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. There is something so weird about this story of a woman who obsesses about the wallpaper in a room. She starts to go crazy and peels away incessantly at the wallpaper to keep herself busy.

oval arrangement. adding lighter layers

oval arrangement. adding lighter layers

40" x 80" floor to ceiling

approx. 40″ x 80″ floor to ceiling

first arrangement in linear pattern

first arrangement in linear pattern.

original vintage plate

original vintage plate








3 thoughts on “Wallpaper Obsession

  1. I also think the flies are a great idea. The evolution of this pattern is very interesting especially when you talk about the connection with “The Yellow Wallpaper.”


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