Process – Love, Hate and Like


test shot/composition and lighting


Working in the studio, the kitchen and candy shopping.


Wallpaper Obsession

The Wallpaper, Obsessing and The Importance of Keeping Busy


detail – building up the bottom layers with lighter opacity

I’m obsessing about making this wallpaper. Started it 4 years ago…and it just won’t leave me alone.

So just when I thought about putting this idea to rest, along comes this artist that tells me about the importance of making something that is divergent from a regular working process. Even a flower arrangement can serve a purpose if it keeps you busy and feeds you new ideas.

I originally started by photographing the printed flowers off a vintage dinner plate and rearranging the parts into a linear patterned wallpaper.

After making a linear pattern I reworked the design into this crazy massive flower arrangement. I just hated that the flowers were acting so decent and I though it would be great to have them misbehave into something organic. So I’m arranging this non-ending oval. Taking apart the pieces, changing the sizes and skewing the perspectives. I just added some lighter faded parts in the back. I’m thinking about adding some flies to the composition but not really sure.

Every year I read “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. There is something so weird about this story of a woman who obsesses about the wallpaper in a room. She starts to go crazy and peels away incessantly at the wallpaper to keep herself busy.

oval arrangement. adding lighter layers

oval arrangement. adding lighter layers

40" x 80" floor to ceiling

approx. 40″ x 80″ floor to ceiling

first arrangement in linear pattern

first arrangement in linear pattern.

original vintage plate

original vintage plate








Research Paper 2 was all about the kitsch.

Starting with questions like:Where does kitsch begin? What does kitsch really mean? (as I suspect that the word is often used incorrectly). What is wrong with kitsch anyways? And… why does it stay? And ending with more questions, but some good ones to think about as I’m making art.

I feel like I just scratched the surface. Research included seminal work by Clement Greenberg, Gillo Dorfles and Robert Solomon. I included some bits about a great talk I attended last year at the MOCCA by Erik Anderson which explores the confusing concepts of cheese.

I’m finding kitschy things are good to have around as part of making art, and right now I’m thinking a new pair of FUN shoes could make me a better artist.



My Harajuku Lovers Shoes