Making a Mess

Studio Work:

Instigate the Process – I’m not starting with photography. Sometimes I really hate the lenses, the f-stops, the lights and the histograms. So I’m entering the photograph a different way, and I think this might answer some questions about the relationship between the photographs and the drawings.

Chewing Gum – After a root canal and a sore mouth, I discovered chewing gum with my front teeth only and letting the sticky spit fall on to my drawing paper. Chewing dubble bubble …and I keep thinking about the short lasting flavor, the lousy jokes inside the wrapper and how good it feels to spit that out.

Drawing – Drawing with text only and eliminating the figure. Pietroiusti suggested to explore the diaristic aspect of the drawing so I’m focused on the text only.

short flavor

short flavor

lousy jokes

lousy jokes

dubble bubble and spit

dubble bubble and spit

Making a Mess– Keeping the gum wrappers, the lousy jokes and the chewed gum. Wheeler suggested to make a mess and then find the beauty within that. This is a beautiful mess… and I think I might find the photograph in here somewhere.


today’s drawings




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