wtf… why are you doing that?

Some notes and thoughts after a good conversation with my mentor Iris Häussler and Katz the cat.


Things to think about and remember…

  • spoon feeding the audience – know how much to give and how much to hold back.
  • be prepared when talking about your work. People are quick to make comparisons to other artists who are working with the same visual vocabulary. Know how to separate your work from other artists.
  • WTF – ask yourself wtf…why are you doing that?
  • It’s okay to work on many things and then go back to them. Look at how your hands move as they work.
  • Try drawing after photographing – watch your hands and think about how they move differently with the medium/materials you are working with.
  • Photograph of the birthday girls … this is easy to consume…this image seems to do what the others deny.
  • Drawings: Why is this figure celebrated? Why is the figure left alone suffering? Why is the body a comic-like depiction? Think about how all the expression is in the face and the body does not protest. Do you bring this work into the photographs – how or maybe not? There is a relationship and a separation between the drawings and the photographs.
  • The figures are not realistic and they go into the realm of fairy tales. They have the appearance of old illustrations from a book.

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